Betcha Babylon Trains never get this crowded on a regular basis!

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One of the most crowded trains in the LIRR system, train 2078, pulls into Hicksville on time at 7:02pm en route to Ronkonkoma. No other folks have to deal with such severe crowding for such a long time (this train was a sardine can all the way to Hicksville). It doesn't help that the next train to Ronkonkoma leaves Penn over 30 minutes after #2078 at 6:53pm (and that was the one that was cancelled last night).
While it's great to hear the Ronkonkoma Double track project will be complete this August and ahead of schedule, it will benefit mainly off-peak service, though its clear there needs to be additional service to Ronkonkoma at peak times too!
This was a normal night with no major problems on the LIRR. Though the 6:05pm Wantagh was cancelled, but even on the combined 6:10pm I bet the ride wasn't as miserable as it is for these folks on the Main Line that they deal with EVERY DAY.

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